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Mologic is currently working on the development of a rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19.

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Blood bike’s fantastic team of riders are providing rapid and efficient transportation of samples and equipment for Mologic during these most challenging times. We are truly grateful for their support

Whether you’re at the start of your journey with a great rapid point-of-care diagnostic idea, or need to scale up manufacturing, we have the expertise, creativity and resources you need. We’re the lateral flow pioneer and the partner you’re looking for at any, or every stage of development.

Mologic offers world-leading scientific research expertise for contract research and development in human healthcare, agriculture and aquaculture alongside a portfolio of device and reagent products for clinical and commercial applications.

Mologic. We’re with you every step of the way.



Partnering with Mologic gives you access to our world-leading scientific team, and the expertise gained from a wealth of contract projects and internal programmes.

Our team combines a broad range of skills and is experienced in developing human, animal and agricultural assays.




You know what you want your immunoassay to achieve, and we can help develop the right antibodies to help you get there – improving performance, reducing cost and saving time.

Mologic offers a polyclonal, monoclonal and recombinant monoclonal development service, using the latest molecular engineering techniques to create novel binding molecules (bi-specific, fragments and more)




Mologic provides high quality, recombinant protein expression services for protein and antibody production and contract manufacturing for diagnostic devices.

Whatever stage you’re at with your project, you can access our services, from initial feasibility studies, to scaling up production of diagnostic devices using your target protein.




If you have a device or reagent ready to go, but need help starting or scaling up manufacture, look no further.

Mologic has the skills and capabilities to get your product off the ground, with a custom solution that allows for cost-effective, low to mid volume manufacturing.



We have proven expertise in technical problem-solving and deliver commercially successful products, including inflammation biomarkers, protease enzymology, biorecognition and the creation of novel technology.


We were chosen by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop new, ultra-sensitive technology platforms with a focus on delivering easy-to-use point-of-care diagnostics with low manufacturing costs.


We offer vast IVD experience and an international network built on successful project delivery. We promise cutting-edge performance in all areas of product development and manufacture.


We can take products through every phase of the development cycle, or step in at any stage if you have particular requirements, or don’t have the specific expertise in house.


We have ten patent families granted in the US and EU on enabling technology, with patents in process on new innovations including enzyme activity detection and respiratory disease algorithms.


We have partnered with some of the world’s most respected industrial, pharmaceutical and healthcare brands, successfully completing over 75 contract research projects to date.

“40 years ago my quest, with my colleagues, was for a new PoC immunoassay technique that combined unparalleled simplicity with sensitivity, speed and specificity. During the next 10 years we created, patented and commercialised the lateral flow platform (the Clearblue® pregnancy test) – job done!

But 1980s technology can’t meet today’s demands for increased simplicity and super-sensitivity for low-abundance biomarkers. In Mologic, we are now closing that gap in LF performance through innovations in antibody engineering, fine particles, smart chemistry and more. The journey continues! ”

Paul Davis, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder, Mologic

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