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Transforming healthcare and industry with innovative science since 2003


In 2003, two quirky scientists vowed to make the world a better place. After learning their trades in some of the world’s biggest blue chip scientific organisations, Paul and Mark Davis (father and son team with a striking resemblance to Pinky and the Brain established Mologic to do as much good as possible in healthcare and education. They want to improve patient care and quality of life, and break new ground in exciting fields of research (unlike Pinky and the Brain who wanted to take over the world).

… technological solutions to scientific problems for a range of customers in industry and commerce, healthcare, academia and government …

They also promised to deliver technological solutions to scientific problems for a range of customers in industry and commerce, healthcare, academia and government.

Motivated by a desire to spread their love for science, do something substantive in oncology and spurred on by a healthy dollop of ‘unemployability’ and a tiny seed fund, Paul and Mark struck out on their own.

Their entrepreneurial spirit endures and they built a company that really is one of a kind. Scientists here at Mologic think and act differently – and they’re encouraged to do so. Unlike larger corporations, we’re not bound by bureaucracy and dogma.
Staff take a wider view and look at the bigger picture, which is at the root of our success.

Mologic’s people are unswervingly loyal and that’s down to the relaxed but professional atmosphere. Mark gives his scientists the freedom to work as they see fit, empowering them to do the best job they can. But, as we all know; with great power comes great responsibility and we take great pride in our responsibilities to clients and colleagues.

We’re molecular wizards, stepping outside the bounds of what can’t be done and finding novel ways to accomplish big things for our clients.



In the beginning

Paul was one of the founders of the Clear Blue pregnancy test: a seemingly simple product that has made an enormous difference to people’s lives. That’s where it all began and Mologic’s aims and objectives have stemmed from there: a desire to make a real difference to the lives of real people.

Early research successes gave us an excellent reputation and led to a growing income and expanding team. With more staff joining the fun, our scientists worked on in-house research into detecting the host inflammatory response using point-of-care technology – and they did this in their spare time.

About Us. Mologic – Big in tiny science.


… Paul and Mark remain steadfastly with the company (although they’re banned from the laboratory these days)…


Looking into the future

Today, Mologic employs 34 people across the UK at sites in York, and Thurleigh. With this diverse team and further technological and post-research infrastructure support, confidence has never been higher, and delivery has never been more impressive. These are exciting times for Mologic.

Paul and Mark remain steadfastly with the Company (although they’re banned from the laboratory these days). Both work hard to maintain Mologic’s original entrepreneurial values and behaviours which are essential elements in outstanding research performance. The family team is looking forward to leading Mologic onwards and upwards.

We couldn’t do any of this without our superstar scientists.
We have a remarkable team of nerds, and you can meet them all here.


About Us. Mologic – Big in tiny science.

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