Mologic has worked as a contract research partner with major brands and organisations, and played a vital role in some of the most important point-of-care diagnostic projects of recent years.

Alongside working with us, we like to encourage our partners to collaborate with others in industry, academia and government to build robust, cost-effective solutions for point-of-care applications.

Our proven expertise

Our Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Paul Davis, was the originator of the Clearblue pregnancy test in 1988, it was the world’s first commercial application of lateral flow technology. We continue to have a proven track record of working with healthcare clients on researching, designing, manufacturing and delivering devices for clinical point-of-care applications.

Our depth of understanding

Mologic clients know they can trust our team to understand the interactive factors that determine sensitivity and precision. We do the research and apply the findings to develop the critical reagents and materials behind a diagnostic product.

Our end-to-end capability

Mologic can take your diagnostic tool all the way – from research and design, through feasibility testing, validation and verification, prototyping, launch and manufacture. You may need all of this, or just some. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

Our innovative approach

We offer innovative and cutting-edge options for binding molecules and signal generation. From medical diagnostic devices to antibody development, we focus on finding the precise solution to your specific problem.

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