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Our team is BIG in tiny science

To deliver the best scientific services possible, we need an outstanding team of scientists. We’ve built that team over the past 13 years and between them, they can achieve almost anything.

From just 1.2 employees in 2003, Mologic now has 60 staff. We’ve managed this growth carefully and hand-picked our scientists not just for their skills, experience and reputation, but for their characteristics too.


And we don’t just pick our people from post-doctoral positions in top universities (although we have a healthy number of academic superstars); we take pride in finding talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and nurturing them to become brilliant scientists. It’s part of what makes the Mologic team special.

We make a commitment to all our employees when they join us: we’ll make sure they undertake all the training and development they need and want. Everyone has access to on-the-job training and formal education and opportunities are consistent right across the board.

In keeping with our mission to break new ground in science and research, we encourage and support our people to push beyond their comfort zones and develop new skills. We believe it’s the best way to keep delivering successful results for our clients and our team.

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