Mologic offers a bespoke project design from start to finish, as well as manufacturing, tailored to suit you.

Do you have needs to partner with us for Assay Development, Research and Development or Manufacturing?


Mologic’s expertise includes:

  • Innovative biotechnology research.
  • Applied immunoassay technology.
  • Medical diagnostic devices.
  • Antibody development.
  • Protein and peptide chemistry.
  • Applied microbial physiology and biochemistry.

Mologic also offer:

  • Bold innovation.
  • Scientific excellence.
  • Unbridled creativity.
  • Practical diagnostic technologies.
  • Unbeaten track record on delivery.


Mologic can help you if you want:

  • Assay and reagent development.
  • Diagnostic products and techniques.
  • Clinical evaluation studies.
  • Antibodies with unparalleled performance to challenging targets.
  • Transformational Intellectual Property.
  • Ground-breaking research.
  • A bespoke project design from start to finish, tailored to your needs.

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