For Research Use Only

The unique B.I.T.S.® Desmosine ELISA has been developed by Mologic to provide fast, accurate assays of desmosine in urine. Why is it unique?  It has been tested against two structurally similar compounds: DPD and PYD to give negligible cross reactivity. Validated against the exacting and rigorous gold standard LC-MS/MS method as well as a challenging range of clinical samples.  Our new desmosine ELISA is an effective alternative to the LC-MS/MS. Significantly reducing time between sampling and results resulting in effective cost reduction.  Time saved in executing the assay will give you more time to devote to your research.

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Mologic has invested time and resources over the past 5 years into the task of producing anti-desmosine antibodies of the highest possible quality, Tailor-made specificity coupled with high sensitivity makes it ideal for research use to test for inflammation and the host immune response to infection.

The B.I.T.S. desmosine ELISA is the first reliable, rigorously validated assay for urinary desmosine.


B.I.T.S.® Immunoassays – a great, new resource for biomedical and life sciences researchers working in inflammation and host immune response to infection.


B.I.T.S.® – the assay range will be expanding throughout 2015, starting with fMLP, N-formylated peptides derived from bacterial protein degradation or from mitochondrial proteins upon tissue damage.

For more information click here to go to our Desmosine Kit Web page.

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