BSI Kitemark Award.

Mologic awarded BSI Kitemark.

Considerable time and effort has been devoted by Mologic to assure commitment to product quality.

As a result, Mologic have recently been awarded right to display the BSI Kitemark on all our products, complying with stringent standards for safety, product performance, and reliability to the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 & EN ISO 13485:2012 for the following scope:

“Design, development and manufacture of professional and self-test immunodiagnostics IVD devices for the detection of infectious disease, inflammatory biomarkers and human Chorionic Gonadotrtrophin (hCG).”

BSI is the world’s most respected standards body and the BSI Kitemark is a prestigious award associated with quality. 82% of consumers recognise the BSI Kitemark as the UK’s most widely known product mark.

The BSI Kitemark is an assurance that samples are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent testing.
This award ensures Mologic’s quality systems are systematically assessed.
The BSI Kitemark gives confidence to our customers that our products are:
• “Of good quality”
• “Tested for safety”
• “Regularly tested”
• “Correctly tested”
• “Compliant with all relevant standards”
• “Supported by a fully inspected quality system”
• “Independently tested”

The award and upkeep of the BSI Kitemark is Mologic’s commitment to maintaining quality systems, ensuring our customers of the highest possible product standards.


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