Cambridge Fireworks Lecture, 7 November 2013

At Mologic, we believe that sharing our passion for science with students is essential, so we endeavour to support such activities whenever we can. In line with this, John (as chairman of the local regional committees of the Royal Society of Chemistry,, and of the Society of Chemical Industry, has organised a spectacular science lecture in Cambridge for families and students. This lecture, timed to coincide with Bonfire Night week, will explain some of the scientific principles behind fireworks and pyrotechnics.

The Science of Fireworks and Explosives – Spectacular Chemistry Demonstration Lecture

Prof Chris Bishop (Microsoft Research Cambridge)

Thursday 07 November 2013, 19:00-20:00, Cambridge Department of Chemistry.

Prof Chris Bishop is a brilliant presenter. He gave the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in 2008, so it promises to be a memorable evening. Over 300 attendees are expected, so arrive early to get a seat.