What was the problem?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the most important global drivers of research and innovation to combat infectious disease, providing effective vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics and to develop innovative approaches to deliver health services to those who need it most.

When diagnosing infectious, potentially life-threatening diseases – especially in developing countries with limited resources – being able to access simple, low cost and highly sensitive point-of-care tests makes a huge difference. Faster, simpler diagnostics can have a real impact on global public health.

The challenge

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation challenged Mologic to develop a new, super-sensitive, easy to use point-of-care technology platform, with low manufacturing costs and increased ease-of-use. The platform needed to be deployed in developing countries and to operate to the high levels of sensitivity required by infectious disease diagnostic products. Tests had to be able to be read visually and offer a detection limit of 1pg/ml – a massive improvement from the existing standard of 100pg/ml.

With a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mologic established the Centre for Advanced Rapid diagnostics (CARD). Housed within our UK facility, the CARD programme is designed to develop a new, ultra-sensitive technology platform testing the limits of rapid diagnostic performance.

The solution

The team pushed re-examined the fundamentals and drew upon the latest technology to build optimal binding molecules, develop new particulates with minimal NSB by controlling surfaces and coordinating deposition, and choreograph the assay process in order to create more perfect binding in complex matrices.

The result

CARD has created a low-cost, visually-read rapid diagnostic technology platform delivering 1pg/ml sensitivity, a massive improvement on previous levels, along with device formats and assay operation principles which ensure simple, accurate and effective performance with clinical samples. The project has created a development pathway that will produce high-sensitivity assays for all protein targets.

As a pioneer in rapid point-of-care diagnosis, Mologic is driven by a commitment to continually improving performance and sensitivity, and pushing the technology into new applications and markets around the world.

“The vision for CARD is superior diagnostics that are accessible to everyone who needs them, while performing at the highest levels possible.”
Paul Davis, Chief Scientific Officer, Mologic

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