Mologic now has a brand new contract manufacturing facility boasting the latest in manufacturing equipment.

Built on a solid history of Lateral Flow Development (LFD), we can offer a full suite of capability from manufacturing of bio-reagents to fully-completed product ready for shipment.

Mologic’s expertise enables us to offer a one-stop shop for all your LFD needs. Our team can work flexibly and to a pre-defined budget.

We can offer one-off as well as scheduled work at low volume capacity.

We embrace all forms of diagnostic, not just human, healthcare.

Being a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), we understand the value of grant funding.
We are currently running co-applications for new funding, and understand the importance of working within existing funding streams.

And with our ISO13485:9001 accreditation and HTA Licensing, we are able to fully develop Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay (ELISA) into LFD format.

Capacity available for both one-off and well as scheduled work and low volume capability:

“No job Too Small!”


High Quality – Low Volume Manufacturing by in-vitro diagnostics experts,

Mologic is the only company in the world that specialises in assisting clients through ‘The Valley Of Death’.
Click on the image below to download the House of Commons Report.


Assay optimisation service available, including:

– Antibody production and purification.

– Conjugate optimisation.

– Protein and peptide chemistry.

– Qualitative and quantitative test experience.

– Experience in human, veterinary and agriculture tests.


Mologic offer:

– A harmonised service.

– Innovation to product.

– Links to a global network of volume manufacturers and distribution partners.

– Surety required to protect your growing product as it develops.

– A wholly bespoke service.


Product validation services in-house allow development projects to be taken right through to finished product.

Regulatory services provided for CE marking and approach to FDA, based on common sense and direct experience.

Our modular systems allow for:

– Part product manufacturing.

– Adoption of part complete products.

– Troubleshooting services.

This all starts from dialogue.

So please lift the phone or send us a note – we’d be delighter to assist you further with your requirements.

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