Mologic is Creoptix’ first UK customer for their WAVEdelta system.


This exciting technology enables Mologic’s Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (“CARD”) team to perform kinetic characterization of antibodies in crude body fluids like serum or plasma at a data quality that has not been seen before.

Based on a proprietary sensor technology and disposable, robust microfluidics, the Creoptix WAVEdelta combines very high sensitivity with broadest sample compatibility. Undiluted samples including serum, plasma and cell supernatants can be run on the system which is of particular interest to customers developing antibody therapeutics and diagnostic reagents.

We liked this project with Mologic from the very beginning.” said Creoptix Chief Executive Officer, Matyas Vegh. “Analyzing kinetics in crude plasma is very challenging but has great potential as reagents and drugs are used in complex environments and not in a test tube with a clear solution.

Dr James Schouten, Lead Scientist in Mologic’s CARD team, said:
“Understanding the dynamics of our detection reagents in complex matrices presents a big challenge when developing new assay platforms, particularly as we advance the limits of sensitivity with novel amplification technologies. The WAVEdelta system opens up new exciting opportunities for the project by giving us a real-time view of these interactions. The impressive detection range and versatility of the system will be a huge asset as the project progresses”

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