New York, USA, and Bedford, UK, 13 December 2021: In the light of the recent developments with the Omicron variant we have been working to verify that the accuracy of the Covios® Ag lateral flow test is unaffected by new mutations.

We have performed a small analysis on clinical samples and are delighted to report that the sensitivity remains high with samples reporting S-gene target failure (characteristic of infection with Omicron). We have also performed an in-silico analysis on the Omicron variant and the results show that there are no new mutations that affect the binding capability of our antibodies to the nucleoprotein antigen, which is the part of the virus they detect. Together these data show that Covios® performs with the same high accuracy as with the original variants.

Dr Emily Adams, Director of Epidemics and NTDs at Mologic said,
‘I am delighted that the Covios® antigen test is resilient against all known variants of SARS-CoV-2 including Omicron. We look forward to expanding our clinical testing in the near future.’