Alongside our first class research laboratories and small scale manufacturing facility (More of which to come later), Mologic is proud to have just taken possession of our new visitors and meeting facilities here at Thurleigh.

Comprising of two meeting rooms. The first is almost big enough to hold a ball (Get your best frocks on folks!).
This room is called The Soap Box as we encourage our staff to stand up for their beliefs and frankly air their views.


Next door, the smaller room, is called The Thinkubator.

Let’s just hope that the language used within these rooms isn’t quite as colourful as those walls!

With an adjacent break-out area and comfort facilities we are confident that we will be able to make all our visitors comfortable and very welcome when they come to visit us here at Thurleigh.



So if you fancy coming up for a visit, give us a ring.

01234 780020

Or E Mail us: [email protected]