Agri-Tech: Applying lateral flow knowledge to improve food security and solve environmental issues

We develop powerful, personalised lateral flow rapid diagnostics to improve the lives of patients. With pen and field-side rapid tests we are doing the same for animals, aquaculture and crops.

Lateral flow technology can inform decision making at critical points across the food chain. Let’s work together to reduce antibiotic resistance, pesticide usage and protect the environment.

From field to fork, we can support you in development of rapid lateral flow tests to tackle food security, food safety and authenticity.

Diagnostic tests in development include:

  • Phytophthora

  • Mucor

  • Rhizopus

  • Pyrenopeziza brassicae

  • Peronospora destructor

  • Mycosphaerella brassicicola

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Whether you’re at the start of your journey with a great rapid point-of-care diagnostic, or need to scale up manufacturing, we have the expertise, creativity and the resources you need. We’re the lateral flow pioneer and the partner you’re looking for at any, or every stage of test development. Crop, livestock, companion animals or from the zoo – at Mologic we can help.

BReD A first line of defence for herbicide resistance. A ten-minute field-side test, BReD informs farmers and agronomists of pre and post emergence non-target site black-grass resistance (NTSR). At Mologic we recognise the best control strategy is an informed approach and one which drives sustainable agricultural practices.

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Botrytis Alert is a field-side, quick and easy to use low-cost test to measure Botrytis in plant material and air samples. Botrytis Alert can be used to help inform decision making and drive early intervention to control polycyclic disease epidemics. Botrytis Alert  is the first step to reduce crop and post-storage harvest losses. Botrytis Alert: Monitor, Act, Treat, Control and Harvest (MATCH)

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