Mologic is Dedicated to the Elimination of Neglected Diseases

Commitment to the Elimination of Neglected Diseases. Mologic have created a technology platform and manufacturing suite that can be applied readily and responsively to the elimination of neglected diseases.

In 2015, the Gates Foundation approached Mologic to create the Centre for Advanced Rapid Diagnostics (CARD). CARD was set up with a $5m grant to redefine lateral flow technology and augment its performance to new heights. BMGF set a target of detecting 1pg/ml of HIV or malaria protein using a $1 visually read diagnostic test that could be deployed at the last mile. This represented a 1,000 improvement on previous technology — but without sophisticated set up, instruments, highly trained staff and electricity. This was achieved in 2018 and a subsequent reinvestment of approx $7m was made to scale the platform.

To ensure access and scale for emergency response, Mologic has committed to ensure all its products are made available at cost to Gavi-eligible countries.

Mologic has a manufacturing capacity up to 4 million devices per annum and is working with donor governments and philanthropic partners to expand manufacturing capacity to create an “Open Source” Global Access Manufacturing Platform to protect security of supply of diagnostics to low income settings.

Product branding:

  • Schistosomiasis

  • Onchocerciasis

  • Malaria

  • TB LAM


A rapid test to detect antigen in a fingerprick sample of blood.


A rapid test to support the mapping and elimination of River Blindness


A rapid test for the differentiation of P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria. The test detects malaria LDH and ultra-sensitive detection will support malaria elimination efforts.


The Gates Foundation are supporting Mologic to create ultra-sensitive reagents for the detection of LAM to improve the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

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