Clinical Research

Clinical research: a growing part of our drive for difference

Rapid, cost-effective access to well-qualified clinical samples can mean the difference between success and failure for new product development.

Mologic is heavily involved in very early stage research and our strategy relies on established markers of clinical disease to establish diagnostics. This means we don’t have to undertake extensive clinical studies to confirm statistically significant correlations. However, the difference comes in when known markers are used in alternative sample types and extending them into related, but different, disease states.

To prove our hypotheses, we must undertake limited clinical evaluations. The challenge we face is how to complete these evaluations quickly and efficiently, without disrupting the parallel research programme.

… Without this wonderful network of clinical partners and their samples, we couldn’t achieve the successes we have …


We can’t do our research alone

We are lucky enough to be able to call upon a number of UK-based clinical groups. These highly motivated and capable teams provide access to high-quality clinical samples from well-controlled and studied patients.

clinical partners

Without this wonderful network of clinical partners and their samples, we would not have been able achieve the successes we have. They help to guide our interests, nurture applications through ethical approval, extending our core values of honesty and integrity through to the patients who are kind enough to provide samples for analysis.

Getting our staff intimately involved

We don’t just call on outside expertise and samples. We also make full use of our staff in a very personal way.

We take regular, anonymous urine samples from those who are willing.
Pee pots are regularly left outside the loos.

This ensures that we can regularly take the pee out of our staff without causing offence.

This area is a real art – which in a way, makes us urine artists?

But we don’t just stop at urine, oh no!.

We also get them to give blood samples for in-house research (our trained phlebotomists are very gentle)

If you are interested Get in touch and ask us more about our clinical research.

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