Diagnostic Development

Consistently delivering the best diagnostics in the world

Diagnostic development is the biggest aspect of our work. Mologic has scientists skilled in diagnostics, with years of diagnostics-focused experience. They take the wild and radical ideas from innovation meetings and mould them into fully functional assays and prototypes.

Regardless of how difficult the challenge, Mologic scientists always deliver.

… Cheesy though it sounds, this field is one of the best examples of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ …

It all starts with reagents

If you want the best diagnostic, you need the best reagents. Simple.

Cheesy though it sounds, this field is one of the best examples of ‘garbage in, garbage out’. If your starting point isn’t up to scratch, your final product won’t be either.

We carefully consider every aspect of a new diagnostic offering to ensure we include the very best of everything:

  • We design and synthesis antigens: peptides, whole proteins, enzymes, components of large or small molecules and – ever more frequently – carbohydrate moieties, independently or in context with a peptide backbone.
  • Antibodies of any form. They’re all possible: fully characterised polyclonal (cut or affinity purified), monoclonal and recombinant fragments from sheep or mice.
  • Enzymes and substrates: we can produce whole enzymes or recombinant active components and modify them to exploit certain features. Our team can modify and optimise substrates to direct degradation, deal with substrate presentation for binding and release modulation, and provide the entire spectrum in between.
  • Particles: not just gold particles, but novel particle technology ranging from old-hat liposomes through to exciting virus-like particles, activated and chemically modified.

Image of an antibody

The right materials

From a lateral flow perspective, it’s remarkable just how much impact a composite material’s nature and performance can have on assay performance. With a sound knowledge of the spectrum of available materials, and a working appreciation of how they may be deployed to achieve specific performance, we can revive a previously abandoned assay format or transform an assay from one format to another.


Mologic is known for thinking differently, and this is a great example: by using known materials in an unconventional way, we can deliver the required performance and provide the opportunity for new intellectual property.


Translating a laboratory procedure into a point-of-care device that achieves CLIA waiver is not an insignificant task. A clever design can produce a device that performs a number of steps without the user having to be involved at all (minimising the opportunity for human error is always a good thing!). Knowing how to make something foolproof helps – and, luckily Mologic has an excellent in-house destruction-testing expert on hand to break things (all in the name of research, naturally.)

Our pilot-scale manufacturing capability enables us to produce thousands of devices, enough for use in the lab with clinical samples. This resource proves invaluable when we want to evaluate a marker and device format with clinical samples.

Our patent portfolio illustrates the diversity of assay formats that we can develop to overcome challenges at the user interface. Take a look at our wound diagnostic and DMAC projects too.



Mologic works closely with the in-house design team, so communications are excellent throughout the development process. Such proximity also enables us to encapsulate novelty into rational product design constraints.

We also have a long and established relationship with Maddison Ltd, the UK’s most prolific and courageous industrial design consultancy. Together, we take radical projects and make successes of them quickly and efficiently – and we have a little fun at the same time.


Why work with us on diagnostics?

You’ve read all about what we can do. Mologic is unique in our approach to establishing prototype diagnostic products and novel assay formats. We’re unconventional. We’re different. And our methods work, unfailingly.

The Mologic team’s natural ability, curiosity and courage have helped them to pull off some remarkable solutions to fascinating problems. Get in touch today and find out how we our diagnostic development can help you.

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