Test will expand the range of diagnostic options available to guide treatment of Plasmodium Vivax

Seattle, Washington, April 17, 2018—PATH and United Kingdom-based test developer Mologic have entered an agreement to advance a new rapid diagnostic test to support treatment and elimination of Plasmodium vivax, or relapsing, malaria.

“This test will be a significant addition to the G6PD testing options available to health care providers to inform case management of patients with P. vivax malaria,” says Dr. Gonzalo Domingo, scientific director and malaria diagnostics lead at PATH. “It will help to fill critical gaps in G6PD testing experienced by elimination programs, and will complement quantitative tests for G6PD deficiency being advanced by PATH and partners.”

“We are honored to have developed this new rapid diagnostic test technology for G6PD deficiency that combines the direct measurement of enzyme activity into the simple lateral flow line format similar to that used in home pregnancy testing, based on Mologic’s enzyme activity detection format,” said Paul Davis, Mologic cofounder and chief scientific officer. “We would like to thank PATH for driving the development of this key test to support malaria treatment and leading efforts to bring the test to market. Mologic looks forward to continuing this partnership with PATH in advancing essential diagnostic technology to address important health issues.”

The first product variant is expected to come to market in 2019. PATH is supporting Mologic to commercialize the RDT and obtain key regulatory approvals.

Funding to PATH to support advancement of new G6PD diagnostic tools has been provided by UKAid from the United Kingdom Department for International Development and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.