Mologic is pleased to announce that following rigorous independent assessment by St George’s, University London and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, our point-of-need, professional use, rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for COVID-19 has achieved preliminary clinical performance data of 98% sensitivity at days 14-21 and specificity of 96%.

The test will provide health professionals with an accurate indication on the presence of COVID-19 antibodies (IgA, IgM and IgG) within 10 minutes. These antibodies signal whether an individual has been exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, while also providing important detailed information about the individual antibody profile to map the clinical response to the virus.

Mologic is now in the process of refining a stripped-down variant (the strip of biotechnology at the heart of test) in order to produce this professional use RDT at high volume for a low cost, while retaining exceptional clinical performance to boost access to COVID-19 diagnostics. Next steps are to optimise the manufacturing process in preparation for CE marking and submission for WHO Emergency Use Listing.

Mologic’s mission is to make high quality diagnostics affordable and accessible on the global market.

This professional-use RDT sits alongside the other COVID-19 diagnostics Mologic has developed, including lab-based and at-home antibody tests, as well as lab-based, professional use and at-home antigen tests.