Professor Paul Davis will be lecturing at the 2013 Annual Meeting of Cardiff Institute of Infection and Immunity on 26 September.

The talk will focus on the enigmatic impact of the most voracious phagocytes – neutrophils.  On the one hand they are the essential defence force, protecting the body from microbial attack, but on the other hand they are the devastating destroyers of the tissue they should be there to defend, in an orgy of inflammatory mayhem.  Amongst their potent weapons are the proteases, which they liberally release as part of their offensive armoury.

Paul DavisPaul Davis

It is these proteases that we can now detect as giveaway clues to the presence and severity of a damaging neutrophil infiltration.  Certain types of proteolytic activity are diagnostic gold-dust.  In fact, neutrophil proteases have turned out to be ideal biomarkers of infection and inflammation in non-healing wounds.

The talk will highlight the association between lowered composite protease activity values and accelerated healing, based upon recent Mologic findings from an RCT on active wound healing.  Most importantly, our new diagnostic system can be shown to provide the basis for effective guidance of therapy and patient stratification   This diagnostic approach is firmly built on a background of wound immunology.