A flush of St George’s mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa) growing in the grass adjacent to the Mologic building was collected by Paul and John. They are excellent edible mushrooms, very firm with a sweet flavour. When collected they have a strong diagnostic mealy aroma, which disappears on cooking. Definitely worth looking out for!

 St George’s mushrooms are infrequent in most parts of UK, but locally plentiful. They re-appear in the same spot for many years, often in scattered groups and occasionally in fairy rings. They are popular in Germany, usually appearing in May – hence the name Maipilz (May mushroom). In warmer Mediterranean countries they can be found in March. Hence the Italian name Marzolino.

The scientific name is amusing. Calocybe gambosa means ‘pretty head’ and ‘club footed’, referring to the swollen stem and bulbous base.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calocybe_gambosa for more information.