World-class scientists: the next generation

Today’s students are tomorrow’s world-class scientists, and we’re proud to support academic institutions across the UK.

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We sponsor a number of student placements each year across our range of research interests. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that also enables us to deliver a better service to our clients. We learn from each other: our student interns benefit from Mologic’s skills and experience, and we gain the fresh, unbiased outlook and enthusiasm of a young scientist.

Supporting commercial collaboration


Scientific innovation and discovery is often driven by commercial need. At Mologic, we like to play matchmaker between commercial companies and academic institutions. As well as being beneficial to both parties, it also gives us a bit of a boost.

Such projects often fall within UK and European centralised funding and consequently push our teams beyond their immediate areas of interest. Commercial collaborations broaden everyone’s horizons, and that’s only ever a good thing.

We can put you in touch with the partners you need. Please give us a call.

Commercial Collaboration

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Our academic links enhance our understanding, giving us access to an unparalleled wealth of resources and talent. We pass these benefits on to our clients in the form of successful projects and innovative products.

We’re always looking for new collaborations and student interns, particularly in forward-looking areas of research. If you have an interest in any of the following (or would like to suggest your own area of research), get in touch.

  • Carbohydrate structures
  • Synthetic biochemistry
  • Biology of immunology
  • Ground-breaking point-of-care diagnostic technology
  • Innovative molecular therapy

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