We were joined this summer by a student from Southampton University, Jack Sanderson, who was seeking work experience in industry.

Says Jack:  “I’ve had a fantastic stay here at Mologic. The prospect of spending 3 months working through my summer, admittedly, felt like an error of judgment during the journey in on my first day but, looking back on it now, I can’t think of a better way to have spent it.  Everyone here has been nothing but warm and welcoming, I’ve definitely felt like a part of Mologic during my time here and I’m incredibly sad to be leaving. I came to the company with the hope of both furthering myself in terms of my practical skills and to make a decision as to whether working in industry would be for me – both of these goals have definitely been achieved.  Being able to put into practice what I’d only learnt as theory at university has been invaluable and, judging by how much I’ve learnt and enjoyed myself, I know a career in industry would definitely be an option for me when I finish university. I can’t thank everyone at Mologic enough for taking me on, I’ve had a brilliant summer!